Radon Testing Minnesota

The only way to know your risk is to test.

Radon testing is Easy

You can do it yourself.

Radon Testing is inexpensive

You can test your home for Radon for as low as $9.99

Why Test?

40 % of Twin City homes have elevated Radon.  Radon induced lung cancer kills more people annually than drunk driving and drownings combined!

Should I hire a professional tester or use a do it yourself kit?

Do it yourself

If you are the homeowner and just want to know your risk from Radon.  Save some money and test yourself.

Hire a Certified Professional

If you are selling  or buying a home, Hire a certified professional to test the home.  This will provide some validity to the test to alleviate any questions regarding results or need for mitigation.

Here are a couple of options to obtain a DIY test kit online.

Contact us for a Certified Professional Radon test.

     Starting at $150

More Info

Call us or email us.   Let us know how we may help you.


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